How To Videos

How to create and delete layout constraints

Learn how to create constraint between two views in LayoutCode.

How to edit layout constraints for multiple views

Editing a constraint instantly updates any related views positions and sized automatically. Learn basic on how to edit layout constraints.

How to create basic collection view

Learn how to use cell view, editing a collection view layout, using datasource and adding a header to a collection view.

How to setup collection view layout spacing

There are multiple ways to edit spacing in a collection view. You can edit a section content inset, spacing between layout group, spacing between layout items, or a layout item content inset.

How to create collection view layout with horizontal scrolling

Learn how to create a collection view section with horizontal scrolling. Learn how to add multiple cell views, add multiple section layouts and display section with different layouts.

How to use derived attribute in collection view

Learn how to edit data for a specific cell in a collection view using derived attribute. Any data set are also retained in the generated code.

How to create custom view with derived attributes

Learn how to create a custom view with multiple subviews. Learn how to add multiple derived attributes to encapsulate data and make editing the data for the custom view easier.

How to create and use custom view in library

When a custom view added to library, updating its attributes automatically update all other instances too. Data for a specific view can still be retained by using derived attributes.

How to use Generated Code in Xcode

Learn how easy it is to import generated code from LayoutCode and use it in an Xcode project.

Example Projects

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Smart Home

Streaming App

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Wallet View