Fast, Powerful UI and Layout Tool

Instantly Generates Code for iOS Development

Whether you are a beginner or advanced developer, accelerate your development time, create your custom view or UI visually without any coding, then automatically convert them to native swift code.

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Requires macOS 10.15 or later. Also Available on Mac App Store

Why LayoutCode?

LayoutCode is created to improve native iOS developer efficiency. Using WYSIWYG editor, you can now easily create UICollectionView with compositional layout, custom view which let you encapsulate its subviews details, create shape view using vector tool, gradient support in views and responsive UI using layout constraints. Use all of these features and export to Swift code without any coding!

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Decrease your app development time. Directly visualize user interface design using intuitive tool, then instantly generate native iOS Swift code.
  • Intuitive tool to design views with various layouts.
  • Data encapsulation using custom view
  • Various view components
  • Design responsive UI with layout constraints
  • Vector Editing Tool
  • Instantly generate iOS Swift Code


Showcases displayed above are created fully using LayoutCode and without any coding. It can be converted to development grade code instantly using Code Generator. Among notable features used in the examples shown are:
  • Multiple sections used
  • Different header for each section
  • Different layout for each section
  • Custom cell view design for each section
  • Vertical and horizontal layout scrolling
  • Derived attribute to show/hide no response camera view
  • Derived attribute to show unique data for each cells
  • Gradient view usage
  • Show necessary attributes only using custom view

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