Turn Mobile App UI to Native iOS Swift Code

Powerful User Interface and Layout Tool

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Requires macOS 10.15 or later. Also Available on Mac App Store

LayoutCode let you create user interface visually to be used for iOS development. By using LayoutCode, you can create responsive UI for different mobile devices. You can create advanced design with custom path, gradient, text, image and other views. Another powerful feature is you can create a collection of views with a distinct layout arrangement per section, and define the data to be displayed in each view’s cells individually. With these advanced tools, you can create and iterate UI design quickly without any coding!

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Why LayoutCode?

Faster Development

Create and iterate design quickly, uses fraction of time compared with coding manually.


User Variables

Manage and control nested children view attributes from a parent view. These variables are also retained in the generated code.


Responsive Design

Create design to be responsive for different size devices by using layout constraints, without any coding.


As a Prototype Tool

Designers can use LayoutCode a prototyping tool, with extra benefit to generate native Swift iOS code automatically.


Powerful Collection View

Create complex group of views per section by using distinct layout and background easily and visually.


As a Learning Tool

Most features and terms are created based on Apple’s iOS framework, iOS developers can use the app and the generated code a good learning tool.

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