View Attributes

Each type of view have different set of view attributes. When a view is selected, the attributes are shown at the Attributes Inspector. List in this page are common attributes by views. Additional attributes not listed here are listed at the view respective documentation page.


Position of the view. A view position is defined in artboard coordinate.


Size of the view

Anchor Point

Anchor point of the view. Default is {0.5, 0.5} which is a view center. An anchor point is indicated by a blue mark at the view if the anchor point is different value from default value.


Rotation of the view. A view is rotated around its anchor point.


Radius of the view. This attribute is available for Basic View and Rect Shape View.


Background attribute can be used to change the view opacity and color. For supported views, gradient also can be changed using this attribute.

Clip to Bounds

This value determines whether subviews are confined to the bounds of the view. For example, a subview frame can extend to the outside of its parent view, if Clip to Bounds is set to Yes, only subview portion inside of its parent is shown. Note that the view property that extends to outside of its frame such as shadow also will be clipped if Clip to Bounds is YES.

Border Width

Border width of the view.

Border Color

Border color of the view


Text to be displayed for the view


Image to be displayed for the view


Shadow attributes consist of additional child attributes

  1. Shadow opacity: Opacity of the shadow
  2. Shadow color: Color of the shadow
  3. Shadow offset: Offset of the shadow
  4. Shadow blur: Radius of the shadow