Image View

Image View is used to display image. 

iOS Development Notes: Image View is equivalent to UIImageView class in iOS.

An image view with its attributes

View Attributes

Common attributes for text label are: position, size, anchor point, rotation, radius, clip to bounds, border width border color and shadow. Additionally, these are supported

  • Image: Image to be displayed for the view

Adding Image

An image can be added by dragging image from Finder to Drop Image  at the image view attribute inspector. Additionally, user can drag and drop image from finder to the artboard directly to add image. When an image is drag and drop directly to the artboard, a new image view with same size as the image is created.

Intrinsic Content Size

Image view supports intrinsic content size. Intrinsic content size is natural size of the view, which is based on the size of the image itself. Read more about intrinsic content size here.